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Wget4web: Web interface for Wget

Summary information

Wget4web allows to add downloads to server, to view information about download status and to control it in browser. The program's interface is look like interfaces of ReGet and Downloader for X, what allow to control download of many files without review Wget logs (but if you want to do it, you may watch them in browser's window). Wget4web writes logs and can generate reports including name and size of downloaded files. You can control traffic which was got by each user. Users can download files without using shell (Wget4web use own user list) what decrease possibility of undesirable server usage.

See screen shots.

System requirements

Wget4web use Wget, Perl and Web server (for example Apache).

Wget4web created for OS Linux, but it can work also in Windows. For this purpose you can download Wget for Windows.


Wget4web is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


Unpack wget4web-1.0.tar.gz (13 Kb). Copy directory wget4web in cgi-bin directory in your Web server. Configuration files are located in the directory cgi-bin/wget4web/data/ : I recommend for work with downloaded files to create a new user without shell (for that write /bin/exit in shell setting) and ftp access. In home directory to create subdirectories files (permissions 777), logs (permissions 755, the owner coincides with the owner of Web server) and tasks (permissions 755, the owner coincides with the owner of Web server). Then all who knows login/password of created user can take downloaded file on ftp and delete it (also as the other users), but can not change service information.

Work with program

If you setup program as stated above then for access to Wget4web scripts you must write:
where script_name.cgi can assume the following values: For connection with the author use e-mail solution@exir.ru